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The evolution of the head
The evolution of the body

The first day of clay lay-up
Measured from chin to deck the head is a full 3" too low.
Clay is cut back, foam is cut out and copper wires are cut
Head is jacked up 3" and wires rewelded.
Building the large masses and now in need of reference material. Went to find stuffed panther with snarl.

The photos helped some but because a dead cat can't flex it's muscles they were of little use.

This what I got from the stuffed model. Not bad but the head is dead, not good enough. 
Then Greg Biolchini looked at the piece (Biolchini is my first art instructor, more of a coach). He then brought me his reference material, the good stuff. This is the beginning of the 'WHOOP ASS' stage that would be seen in the real Panther.

At this point I have 6 days of accrual building and 14 days of drawings and study.


The Panther is coming to life. 

With me, for the first few days it's pushing clay around and knowing I'm just able to see the larger over-all shapes. 

'Did God repro the gift ' it's do-diligence  that is required here. It's waking up the Spirit so it can wake up the mind. It's suffering thru days of blindness while having perfect faith that my 'way-of-seeing' will come when I've done my 'do-diligence.

Now it's detailing all 1/16/06

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