"Be Not Afraid
The greatness of the mystery is our freedom. Join Me"



The inscription on the scroll in the right hand of Jesus

The following is Morse Code in an alternate legend designed to look like computer code;

The dot and dash is here replaced with 'o' for dot and 'l' for dash.

This message reads:

"Be Not Afraid."

"The greatness of the mystery is our freedom." (ololol means period)

"Join Me" (ololo means end of message)


looo o   lo lll l   ol oolo olo ol oo loo     ololol

l oooo o   llo olo o ol l lo o ooo ooo

lll oolo   l oooo o

ll loll ooo l o olo loll

oo ooo   lll ool olo

oolo olo o o loo lll ll     ololol

olll lll oo lo   ll o     ololo




Be Not Afraid

       B      E     N         O          T     A      F             R        A      I        D

---ooo   o   ---o   --- --- ---   ---   o---   oo---o   o---o   o---   oo   ---oo

  looo     o     lo         lll          l     ol      oolo         olo     ol     oo     loo

 The greatness of the mystery is our freedom

T       H     E        G         R       E     A     T      N     E    S        S

---   ooo   o    --- ---o   o---o   o   o---   ---   ---o   o   ooo   ooo

l       ooo   o      llo         olo     o   ol       l      lo     o   ooo   ooo

O         F        T       H      E

---   oo---o   ---   oooo   o

l         oolo     l     oooo   o


    M          Y             S      T    E      R           Y

--- ---   ---o--- ---   ooo   ---   o   o---o   ---o--- ---

    ll         loll           ooo    l     o   olo        loll


  I       S           O             U       R

oo   ooo   --- --- ---   oo---   o---o

oo   ooo          lll        ool      olo


F              R       E  E       D           O             M

oo---o   o---o   o   o   ---oo   --- --- ---    --- ---

oolo       olo      o   o     loo          lll            ll


Join Me


          J               O          I       N       M     E

o--- --- ---   --- --- ---   oo   ---o   --- ---   o

olll                     lll       oo       lo      ll      o

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