The Moonlight Garden


Mrs. Edison



BETWEEN 1914 AND 1950, Ellen Biddle Shipman (18691950) designed more than 650 gardens from Cornish, New Hampshire, to New Orleans. Her imaginative approach merged elements from the Colonial Revival and Arts and Crafts movements with a distinctive ability to create sensual, secluded landscapes. Despite the disadvantages of being a divorced mother of three, Shipman succeeded in establishing a thriving New York City practice. She was an advocate for women in the profession and trained several other successful designers in her all-female office.
Ellen Shipman designed the 'Moonlight Garden' with this reflecting pool for Mrs. Edison's garden at their Fort Myers Florida home. Completed in 1929 it shows a quiet water surface for reflection and plants between the 1" spaces in the coping.
The sculpture group 'Bouquet to Mrs. Edison' consisting of 2 herons and copper lotus fountains was installed in 1988. The sculptor D.J. Wilkins painted the pool dark amber to emulate the color of natural Florida stream water.

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