Fossilite Pavers and wall Cladding

These beautiful 2' X 2' X 1 1/2"
pavers were made by pulling molds
off of accual Florida Fossil stone
and cast in 4,000 psi concrete.

The type pictured here with it's inset
pattern is used for wall cladding.

Floor pavers are made without an




  Vined Balustrade Railing

Vined balustrade railing like the vined columns
the sculptor creates is also a one-of-a-kind
product. Modeled then cast in 4,000 psi
concrete with a Florida Fossil stone surface,
this work represents the highest possible
standard for unique, custom made to order
architectural cast stone work.


     Manuel A. Gonzalez Memorial Bridge


      Sculpted pilasters 
    The original pattern for the ballards were from the WPA and were used at the Fort Myers Yacht  Basin. The 450 foot bridge honors Manuel Gonzalez, one of the first settlers in Fort Myers.

71 West Northshore Ave.
North Fort Myers, FL. 33903

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