This is an exercise in hand-eye training, it is not an expression of my original concept but an exercise in training my eye to see what is there.

I modeled the original 20 years ago as an exercise to hone my skills at seeing in depth. The 18" model in this pose is much like the animal sculptures seen at the high point of 19th century. 

During the 19th century animal sculpture came into it's own. Because quality photography was not extant yet, the sculptor had to find one stuffed or have the animal killed and pose it using stiff wires run thru the model. 

The pose struck in this piece is common to all cats at the high point of confrontation and was modeled many times in the 19th century. The base was 'ramped' to elevate the front at about 10 degrees to increase the drama, sometimes an angled base and often done as an angled stone cliff.

By using the panther I modeled 20 years ago and photos of panther cores created by Jonas Brothers used in taxidermy for muscle actions I am continuing something that I started at the beginning of my public art involvement.