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The concept for this is the work of the Fort Myers Beautification Advisory Board.

The original rendering and the dimensions of the generator enclosure at Fort Myers City Hall were merged by D.J. Wilkins, project sculptor into codes that he could use to operate a CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine to make the molds that were used for casting the stones.


The precast stones were produced by Tim Spires and Cari Wilcox in their Fort Myers casting facility  Suncoast Stone Works.



Tony Dooher and Scott Dozier 'tap-con' every stone to the wall. 

When the title stones were installed a check of the 'square to top' was taken and was shown that the work was off 3/8 of an inch in the 57 feet that make up the three sides of the monument.

Styrofoam shims were cut on the CNC machine that would allow for final adjustments before the top is reached correcting the 3/8 inch variation.


'The Generator'

The monument is designed to memorize the names of people and families who are truly

 'Patrons of The City of Palms'



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