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Pool Color



Pool Color


This piece of pool liner was found to have dark colored paint stuck to the back.


An analysis of the color was done in Photoshop 6. The RBG means Red, Blue and green.

The color was examined thru all contrast ranges it maintained it's RBG ratios.

After the floor was ground down to raw concrete the first color on the floor was analyzed.

This is the order of layers. The area was flooded to enhance colors. The blue/green layer is under the red and on top of the dark layer.

The blue green layer is under the coping and on top of the pool beam.

The original plans called for blue or green

Deep blue was the example seen in other pools by Ellen Shipman

The color should be perfect as a reflective base color.

The water level was reset to 1" the pool level can drop to 3" making the average 2"

  This is what a 'reflecting pool' should  look like

    When the cracks are planted this will be perfect.

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